Yeet&Sweet 2024 Tournament Schedule Unveiled!

December 7th, 2023 Company updates, Promotions

GameArt reveals its Yeet&Sweet 2024 Tournaments Schedule featuring ten thrilling tournaments and offering an impressive total prize pool of €1,000,000. Prepare for some sweet surprises!

GameArt, a leading developer of high-quality HTML5 slot games for both online and land-based casino operators, is excited to reveal its Yeet&Sweet 2024 Tournaments Schedule!

Ten thrilling tournaments will be spread throughout the year, offering an impressive total prize pool of €1,000,000. The tournaments will feature GameArt's slot games, including new releases, top performers and player favourites, and are open to both our esteemed partners and their players.

The Tourname Schedule

> Tournament 1: Sweetheart Dragon: 9th – 18th February
> Tournament 2: Sweet Greens: 15th – 24th March
> Tournament 3: Candy Blossoms: 19th – 28th April
> Tournament 4: Lucky Loser: 10th – 19th May
> Tournament 5: Joker’s Sweets: 14th – 23rd June
> Tournament 6: Fruitish: 26th July – 4th August
> Tournament 7: Golden Dunes: 20th – 29th September
> Tournament 8: Sugar & Skulls: 25th October – 3rd November
> Tournament 9: Candy Cane Cup: 29th November – 8th December
> Tournament 10: Ultimate 100: 27th December 2024 – 5th January 2025

The Terms and Conditions will be available in the coming days.

Get ready for 2024's sweet surprises!

Why Yeet&Sweet?

We coined this catchy brand name in late 2022, and it perfectly encapsulates the essence of the initiative—fun, joy, and playfulness. ‘Yeet’ embodies the spirit of cool, triumph, pleasure, and joy, which are all the key ingredients that make the Yeet&Sweet brand exceptionally cool and sweet.

More About Yeet&Sweet

Yeet&Sweet involves both operators and their players in a series of 10 tournaments with an allocated grand total budget of €1 million (€1,000,000).

Check out the complete Tournament Schedule with details HERE.