Ragna’s Rock

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  • Release Date
  • 14/11/23
  • Bet Lines
  • 7x7
  • Freespins
  • Yes
  • Bonus Game
  • Yes
  • Volatility
  • Very High
  • Languages
  • Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock Ragna’s Rock


As the sun sets over Valhalla, a Viking adventure unfolds in Ragna’s Rock. Ragna himself and the Rock stand as wild symbols, ready to boost your wins. Watch as they battle alongside you against mythical creatures.

In this thrilling 7x7 cascading reel slot game, symbols cascade onto the reels, forming winning combinations. Align five or more matching symbols vertically or horizontally in a cluster to achieve victory, triggering a cascade of new symbols.

With RAGNA’S ROCK BOX FEATURES, you’ll fill the features metre with consecutive wins and when the metre is fully charged, you will unlock one of the following features:
• EXPLOSION: Up to eight symbols explode into Wilds while destroying adjacent symbols.
• SLICE AND DICE: Places a Wild symbol at the centre of the reels, creating two diagonal lines filled with the same random symbol.
• DESTRUCTION: Removes all low-paying symbols, paving the way for substantial wins.
• SWAP SHOP: Selects a low-paying symbol and transforms all similar symbols into a different random symbol.
• WILD BERSEKER BONUS: When the Ragna’s Rock Box feature metre is fully charged, a massive 3x3 Ragna Wild symbol emerges, morphing into smaller Wilds if cascades continue.

With every spin, a TOTAL WIN MULTIPLIER is applied, matching the number of features triggered in that round. When four adjacent low- or high-paying symbols form a square, they unite to become a powerful 2x2 SUPER-SIZED SYMBOL, doubling your wins when part of a victorious combo.

Via the RANDOM WILD feature, up to 8 Ragna Wilds may fall on the reels on any non-winning spin, igniting your chances for glory, and by means of the WILD RETURN, highlighted symbols, part of a winning combination, transform into two 1x1 Wilds, enriching your quest.

Experience the legendary VALHALLA FREE SPINS when Ragna and the Rock join forces on the reels. You’ll be awarded five Free Spins to begin with, and as you collect Rock Wild symbols, the Free Spins Upgrade Bar grows. At maximum capacity, it levels up, granting more spins and amplifying the Ragna Wild’s power, even adding a multiplier from level five onwards.

If you crave even more excitement, Ragna’s Rock offers a BUY BONUS and BUY FEATURE option, giving you the chance to seize fortune with every spin. Skål to your winnings!

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