Inspired by Greek mythology, Icarus's Journey is side-scrolling platformer where the player controls an aged Icarus, the main character of the game, trough the regions of ancient Greece in search of his father, Daedalus.

After fleeing from Minos maze wearing wings made of feathers and wax, Icarus ignored his father's advice and flew high into the sky approaching the sun and, as we all know, the intense heat melted his wings and Icarus fell toward the sea. Daedalus, who was watching everything from far away, starts a journey of his own to find his son, hoping for the best. Icarus, who miraculously survives the fall, must go through dangerous places full of traps to meet with his old father once again.


  • Thiago Dionisio Art Director/ 2D Artist/ Visual Designer
  • Tomas Soares Level Designer/ Game Composer/ Game Designer
  • Guilherme Ouriques Game Programmer
  • Fabio Leão 2D Artist/ Animator
  • Estevão Mattos 2D Artist/ Concept Artist